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Advertising Opportunities with HomeRun Homes is the most effective way
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Almost 40,000 unique visitors come to HomeRun Homes ( each month...and they all visit us in order to Find a Home, Sell a Home, Find/Sell a Commercial Property, or to Find/Offer Home Services. With this large volume of targeted traffic, it’s no surprise why we have been in the top 3 rankings in the Major Search Engines for the past 6 years !!

There are a number of opportunities available to
you when you market with HomeRun Homes.

It all depends on "where" and "to whom" you want to target – our programs allow you to target potential customers at a particular mindset – and it permits you take a very granular approach. This is a golden opportunity for you to pitch to the right buyer, seller, or customer.

Here is a recent testimonial from an investor
with multiple properties on our site:

"I have been working with HomeRun Homes ( for about three months now.  My company places all of our homes on and have been quite pleased with the responses that we have received from our ads.  The staff has always gone out of their way to make sure everything is working just as it is supposed to, and I would highly recommend HomeRun Homes anyone looking for exposure of their lease2own property.  Some of the best marketing dollars I have used to date."

Rick Hurd
Equitable Home Solutions, LLC

* Please Note: We are also available for Public Speaking appearances at conventions, meetings, or other venues.

* Please Note: To place a standard Ad on our website, please use the Tabs on top of this page (Find a Home, Sell a Home, Sell Multiple Properties, Sell Commercial Property, and Offer a Home Service).

For a complete listing of our more advanced Advertising Opportunities (and the opportunity to contact buyers, sellers, and customers), please fill out the following form to receive information on our various Advertising Plans for 2012/2013:

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NOTE: Rent to Own Homes are also referred to as lease purchase, lease to purchase, lease to buy, rent to buy, lease option, rent with an option to buy, lease to own, lease with option to purchase, and rent with option to purchase. HomeRun Homes is the premier website for Rent to Own Homes.

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