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An Inspiring Story About Shameyla...

Few stories touched our hearts and inspired us as that of Shameyla H.

Shameyla was a single-mom living in a 2-bedroom apartment with her 3 children for the last 4 years. Her credit had some blemishes, but she had been working at her job for a number of years, however, she had a 90-minute round-trip commute. She just felt like "this was it", as she said, and life held nothing more for her.

One of Shameyla's co-workers mentioned Rent to Own, and then she searched it on Google and found our website. She looked over some of the available properties on our site, but at that time, there wasn't anything close by where she was looking. then, she decided to place a "Home Wanted" Ad, where she described exactly what she was looking for and needed in a home.

After a couple of months and after rejecting homes from sellers that did not meet her requirements, she was finally contacted by a seller that had exactly what she needed. She visited the home, and then discussed the terms with the seller and eventually, her attorney.

What Happened Next?

Fortunately, Shameyla got the house that she wanted on a Rent to Own basis! She moved closer to her job (30-minutes round-trip now), and each of her kids got their own bedroom.

One thing that sticks out particularly in my mind is one of the things she told me, which was that it brought her sheer joy to see her kids literally battling over who gets which room, but with smiles and laughter on their faces. It was a day she thought would never come. We are so proud to be responsible for this, and there is absolutely no reason why your story cannot be the same as hers!

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