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"Will It Work In My Town"

 I.  Introduction

 II.  Preparing Yourself Mentally

 III.  Set a Goal, Any Goal

  IV.  What You Need to Start

    • List of Hard Money Lenders
    • What to ask a RE Broker
    • How to quickly set up your home office
    • …and much more!

   V.  Terms to Learn - NOW

    • LTV and how it affects you
    • FICO Scores explained
    • Contract
    • Escrow explained
    • …and a lot more!

  VI. Let’s Find a Deal!

    • How to locate properties-fast
    • How to find the owner
    • What to ask
    • Sample letter
    • …and so on!

 VII. Lease Option or Rent to Own

    • The basics
    • What the seller expects from you
    • 4 secrets of Rent to Own
    • ….and much much more!

 VII. Miscellaneous Items to Know

    • HUD Settlement Statement explained (you HAVE to know this!)
    • Free ways to find the value of your home
    • Websites to calculate your mortgage payments for free.

 ADDED BONUS: FORMS needed to do Lease/Option (RENT TO OWN) Deals*

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* Always Review Forms with an Attorney first.

NOTE: Rent to Own Homes are also referred to as lease purchase, lease to purchase, lease to buy, rent to buy, lease option, rent with an option to buy, lease to own, lease with option to purchase, and rent with option to purchase. HomeRun Homes is the premier website for Rent to Own Homes.

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